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SX 4th Meetup – Defeating publi...

SX 4th Meetup – Defeating public exploit protections (EMET v5.2 and more)

In this awesome presentation, Raghav Pande explained the concept of public protections and showed how public exploit mitigation toolkits are not enough to protect from a targeted attack as well as how easy it is to evade all public protections.   Presentation:    

SX 4th Meetup – Exposing the se...

SX 4th Meetup – Exposing the secrets of Windows credential provider

In this awesome presentation, Subrat Sarkar explained the concepts of Windows logon mechanism, Windows Logon architecture, Windows credential provider and showed how an attacker can take advantage of credential provider to steal Windows password in plain text and how to find and mitigate this issue.   Presentation: