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SX 4th Meetup – Defeating publi...

SX 4th Meetup – Defeating public exploit protections (EMET v5.2 and more)

In this awesome presentation, Raghav Pande explained the concept of public protections and showed how public exploit mitigation toolkits are not enough to protect from a targeted attack as well as how easy it is to evade all public protections.   Presentation:    

Session 11 – Practical Reversing Part...

Session 11 – Practical Reversing Part VI – Exploit Development [advanced]

This session will discuss some protections added by the operating systems and processors to mitigate the exploitation, after that, also present some ways to bypass those protections.  

Session 10 – Practical Reversing Part...

Session 10 – Practical Reversing Part V – Exploit Development [basic]

Exploit is one of the most dangerous thing you will ever see in the history of computer science. It is a digital nuclear bomb. Now you can imagine how important is this session. This session will discuss some of the basic techniques of exploitation, some of these techniques may not work on latest operating system […]