We are excited to launched dedicated quarterly Infosec Meetups from SecurityXploded team. These meetings will primary focus on emerging security trends and latest research work in the field of malware analysis, exploit development, mobile and system security.




In each meetup, there will be two dedicated sessions from SecurityXploded core expert team and two guest sessions where in you will have the privilege of presenting your own research work in infosec field. All the presentations/video demos will be online on our website after the session.


You can find more details about each of our past meetup sessions below,

SecurityXploded 1st Quarterly Meet – 21st Jun 2014

SecurityXploded 2nd Quarterly Meet – 27th Sep 2014

SecurityXploded 3rd Quarterly Meet – 25th Jan 2015

ScurityXploded 4th Quarterly Meet – 23rd May 2015

ScurityXploded 5th Quarterly Meet – 10th Oct 2015


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