SecurityXploded 5th Quarterly Meetup – 10th October 2015

Here is the quick update and presentations from our recently concluded Fifth ‘SecurityXploded Cyber Security Quarterly Meetup’.




In this meet, Sreelakshmy and Mythily delivered presentation on “Partial Homomorphic Encryption”, Archita Aparichita covered the topic on “DLL Preloading Attack” and Monnappa KA presented on the topics “Basic Malware Analysis, Automating Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering Malware”.


Here is the link to presentations and video demonstrations:

1. Partial Homomorphic Encryption

2. DLL Preloading Attack

3. Basic Malware Analysis 

4. Automating Malware Analysis

5. Reverse Engineering Malware


Here are the few snapshots from the session






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