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SX 4th meetup – Hunting Rootkit...

SX 4th meetup – Hunting Rootkit From the Dark Corners Of Memory

In this awesome presentation, Monnappa explained the concept of Rootkits, types of Rootkits, Memory Forensics. He demonstrated various stealth techniques used by the TDSS Rootkit and showed how to identify its presence and understand its capabilities and various functionality using memory forensics.   Presentation:     Video Demo:  

SX Meetup 2 – Dissecting BetaBo...

SX Meetup 2 – Dissecting BetaBot

In this presentation, Raghav Pande explained various self defending mechanisms of BetaBot.  He also presented unpacking, hooking and injection methods of this malware using illustrative screenshots.    Presentation:

Session 12 – Case Study: Rootkit Anal...

Session 12 – Case Study: Rootkit Analysis

Rootkit is the next level in malwares. Rootkits mostly compromise the kernel side of the operating system. So they are some of the most sophisticated piece of codes you will see in malwares. Check the reference section for additional material. We highly recommend reading of “Rootkit Arsenal” book.