This is call for sessions for “SecurityXploded Meet” on 21st June 2014 in Bangalore. As you may already know that we have announced a quarterly dedicated system security meet ( The focus of the meet is to discuss analysis and innovations around the system security area and to interact with the like minded people to increase the greater interest in system security.




The meet will have roughly 4 sessions in which two sessions are reserved to SecurityXploded members and other two sessions will be selected using call for sessions method.

The meet is free and the material discussed during meet will be freely available to download at our website.

Sessions from SecurityXploded members:

  • Watering Hole Attacks, case study and analysis – Monnappa
  • Chronicles of Malwares and Detection Systems – Amit Malik, FireEye Inc.


Following is the scope of meet,

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Malware Analysis
  • Rootkits
  • System Internals
  • Forensics (Network, Memory, File etc.)
  • Protocols analysis
  • Mobile Malwares
  • Security Automation & Tools
  • Operating systems kernels
  • Hypervisors, Virtualization
  • Sandbox
  • Exploits
  • Advanced and Targeted Threats/Attacks
  • Analysis evasion techniques
  • Hardware Architecture and Hacking

Please note that we will not accept any talk beyond system security concepts.


Important Information:

Date: 21st June 2014

Venue: TBD

Place: Bangalore, India


Please send your topics with brief description to and


Additionally you can always train yourself with our free Reversing and Malware analysis trainings