SecurityXploded Cyber Security Meet – 28th May 2016

Here is the quick update and presentations from our recently concluded ‘SecurityXploded Cyber Security Quarterly Meetup’.




In this meet, Adarsh Agarwal delivered presentation on “Understanding Cryptolocker (Ransomware) with a Case study”, Satyam Saxena covered the topic on “Malicious Client Detection using Machine Learning”, Abhinav Chourasia presented on “Buffer Overflow Attacks”, Anirudh Duggal presented on “Fingerprinting Healthcare Institutions” and Monnappa K A presented on the topic “Reversing and Investigating Malware Evasive Tactics – Hollow Process Injection”.


Here is the link to presentations and video demonstrations:

1. Understanding Cryptolocker (Ransomware) with a Case Study

2. Malicious Client Detection using Machine Learning

3. Buffer Overflow Attacks

4. Fingerprinting Healthcare Institutions

5. Reversing and Investigating Malware Evasive Tactics – Hollow Process Injection


Here are the few snapshots from the session








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