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SX 4th meetup – Hunting Rootkit...

SX 4th meetup – Hunting Rootkit From the Dark Corners Of Memory
In this awesome presentation, Monnappa explained the concept of Rootkits, types of Rootkits, Memory Forensics. He demonstrated various stealth techniques used by the TDSS Rootkit and showed how to identify its presence and understand its capabilities and various functionality using memory forensics.   Presentation:     Video [...]

SecurityXploded 3rd Quarterly Meetup ...

SecurityXploded 3rd Quarterly Meetup – 24th Jan 2015
Here is the quick update and presentations from our recently concluded Third ‘SecurityXploded Cyber Security Quarterly Meetup’.     In this meet, Sameer Patil delivered presentations on “Anatomy of Exploit Kits”, Satyam Saxena covered the topic on “Detecting the Malicious Url using Machine LearningR [...]

SX 3rd Meetup – Hunting Ghost R...

SX 3rd Meetup – Hunting Ghost RAT Using Memory Forensics
In this awesome presentation, Monnappa KA explained the details of Ghost RAT malware used in various Cyber Espionage attacks. He showcased the sandbox analysis, traffic pattern and decrypting the communications of Ghost RAT from packet capture. He also demonstrated both manual and automated method of detecting and decrypting the communication [...]

Announcing SecurityXploded 3rd Meetup...

Announcing SecurityXploded 3rd Meetup – 24th Jan 2015, Bangalore, India
This is an announcement for the upcoming SecurityXploded community meetup on 24th January 2015 in Bangalore, India. This meet is completely free and doesn’t require any registration or any other formalities to attend. The meet will start at 10 AM IST.   After the meet, we will upload the presentations/videos for our online users t [...]

Session 7: Malware Memory Forensics

Session 7: Malware Memory Forensics
This session will introduce you some tools and techniques for malware memory forensics. Check the reference section for more information.    

Session 8 – Practical Reversing Part ...

Session 8 – Practical Reversing Part III – Malware Memory Forensics
Memory forensics is itself a complete domain in malware analysis. It is a process to identify the artefacts of malwares into the system after the infection. It is a branch of investigation and allow people to calculate the damage and risk of an malicious event. Check the reference section for additional material.
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